S pringing forth from the rubble of musical projects long since disbanded, five musicians convened to form a creative collective...EndEffect is an entity which emits music to deliver messages it otherwise could not convey. A machine geared for the purpose of exerting emotion and passion as cathartic release. This is an outlet for artists charged and always ready to set fire to the stage. Spurred by years of live performance experience and the avaricious need to explore every avenue through the art of music, the members of EndEffect set out to create a sound unlike anything they had before. Borrowing from a barrage of influences and inspirations that span countless genres, the guys shaped their passions into song form. After developing a lengthy repertoire, they set out to book shows. Being comprised of recognizable groups in the CenTex area, EndEffect was blessed to begin with a small army of show-attendees and even more avid listeners. But before long, word would spread like forest to a fire and the want for more EndEffect became undeniably clear. The only obvious solution was to hit the studio, and thus they produced a two-track EP. This demo would wind up in the hands of a local radio DJ, and in no time EndEffect's heavy-hitting song 'Harlot' was the most requested amongst local artists in 2011. Though very pleased with the overwhelming display of devotion from their fans, the group would view this accolade as nothing short of evidence. Confirmation that the --------EndEffect had yet to begin...


  Brady Brink, (254) 749 69 17
  Waco, TX